What is Phoenix?

Phoenix is an artificial intelligence analysing behaviour of all visitors on your page. By combination of multiple unique machine-learning algorithms, each visitor is assigned tens of parameters suited to optimize your marketing campaigns.

Do you know how your ideal customer looks?
Phoenix does!

Behaviour of your page's loyal customers is analysed in detail and your online campaigns can be targeted to similar potential customers.

Want more loyal customers?

Try it out!

Isn't Google Analytics enough...?

Phoenix offers wide spectrum of filters allowing precise selection of audience your page's visitors. We provide custom filters based on needs of our customers - custom targeting for each company using Phoenix is becoming a new trend.
Phoenix AI is trained on online behaviour of wide spectre of users and knows how to distinguish loyal and random visitors, or robots. After that, targeting is easy.
Many acquisition channels bring a lot of traffic with low percentage of paying customers. Robotic traffic is often the explanation. It means that your web is visited by programmed robots. Google Analytics, for example, consider them real customers. Phoenix analyses multiple parameters (time spent on web, scrolling, mouse movement...) which enables it to separate robotic traffic from real customers.

Do you want to know the real efficiency of each provider of your online ads?

Another benefit of Phoenix is it's ability to independently compare efficiency of individual marketing channels (Google Ads, Facebook Ads). Information about how successful your campaigns are is an important tool for online campaigns optimization.

One of Phoenix' key functions is graphical display of your visitors' behaviour. With help of these algorithms, more precise targeting of the most promising future customers is possible. The view is fully customizable (limiting nodes, displaying numbers of people, filtering theirs interest rate...), which allows as clear representation of behaviour as possible.

GDPR - privacy above everything

In DreamLabs, we value your and your customers' privacy. Phoenix does not track any personal data and does not track people outside of your web. All data it's tracking is encrypted and securely stored.