Adjusting an online campaign based only on the analytics that other web applications provide might often be rather tedious task.

Phoenix does the job for you

All you need to do is to implement a tracking pixel, similar to Google Analytics, to your website.

Then, the thorough data analysis starts.

In it's essence Phoenix uses artificial intelligence to automate the selection of audience with the highest conversion probability for each of your creative campaigns.

These audiences are automatically updated based on changes in website’s visitors' behaviour.

How does it work?

See what is important, clearly and in real time

Select people for your ideal audience

See how they move on your site, when they leave and where they are

Use your selections out-of-the-box with Google Ads and Facebook Ads

What else?

Modular architecture of the Phoenix platform allows using collected data to optimize every aspect of you online selling process, for example:

Why do companies choose Phoenix?

Phoenix brings new options, insights and flexibilities for online marketers

It increases campaign efficiency by introducing new custom audiences based on behaviour of your visitors (excluding robots)

Phoenix saves time and money by combining tools for analytics, ad management and ad targeting into a single easy-to-use web app

Combines data from multiple channels for better insights, analysis and targeting


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