Smart dynamic remarketing

Don't make the mistake of assuming that displaying ads for every product given user has seen on your web is a smart way to use your marketing budget.

Use Phoenix to allow product remarketing only for products that interests given visitor the most.

Use Phoenix's API to optimize your web page's content, layout and functionality based on visitor's recognized behavioral patterns.

Don't let your customers get frustrated by not finding what they look for as soon as possible. Phoenix offers typo correction and ordering of results based primarily on interests of particular visitors, behaviour of visitors similar to them and global trends on your website.

Stop wasting time on manual configuration of groups of products that are most likely to be purchased together. Phoenix recognises these patterns and allows you to display optimal products for each visitor of each page.

Quick start

E-mail us at which features would you like to try and what is your web URL and we will send you guides and assist you during the integration. This process will be automated soon.

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